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Digitalisation of manufacturing processes improves their management and results.

The digitalisation process started a while ago by Eurapo has been extended to almost all its departments and will be completed within the first few months of 2021. Amongst its strengths the project – called M.E.S. which stands for Management Execution System – includes 4.0 management of production orders to favour optimal integration between man, machinery and the information system.
Many improvements have resulted from digitalising the manufacturing process:

  • more accurate assessment of the cost of the product and of the value offered to the customer;
  • more efficient allocation and distribution of work orders;
  • real-time manufacturing progress assessment;
  • optimal management of single manufacturing operations and of the manufacturing capacity;
  • easier detection of bottleneck processes;
  • creation of opportunities to improve the manufacturing flow by optimising process lead times;
  • receipt of an abundance of accurate information on operations to improve planning and to assess costs;
  • preventive maintenance by collecting data that favours the quick identification of the causes of problems, not just their symptoms;
  • greater involvement of workers in active manufacturing management.

The digitalisation project of manufacturing processes is part of a larger project that Eurapo started a few years ago which is aimed at transforming manufacturing methods by introducing Lean Manufacturing principles and techniques with the dual aim of increasing the value offered to its customers and cutting costs through waste reduction.