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ONET: Your system within easy reach

Home or away? Via the simplicity of OTouch and wherever you are with a PC, tablet or smartphone. With ONet you can innovatively control and manage the comfort of residential and business units: the comfort of your own home.
ONet replaces the classic Eurapo Web Server and can connect up to 1,000 units in a multiple network mode, managed by a single simple, intuitive interface, with plenty of new customizable functions.
A single control can command, and make different elements of the system communicate and interact:  including energy production (boiler / chiller), circulation pumps, mixing valves (for radiant systems), zone valves, dehumidifiers and fan coil units. It’s an orchestra that can create a unique melody of heating and cooling, where the key players are the fan coil systems, radiant or mixed, that can also work simultaneously.
Control and management of the system, hourly and weekly desired temperature programming, warnings, alarms, for constantly monitored energy production, regulated according to external environmental factors and optimised to internal comfort requirements, which guarantees comfortable warmth and energy savings.