Innovative Touch Screen Device

OTOUCH is a control and supervision system developed by Eurapo Laboratories in order to manage residential comfort. This high tech solution is matched with an easy-to-use graphical interface which has been designed in cooperation with Udine University in order to guarantee an intuitive and simply comfort control.

OTOUCH can functionally fully control air condition system devices (such as fan coils units) or radiant system ones (such as hydraulic actuators or dehumidifiers) or even both at the same time, following an innovative idea of control philosophy. Its distinctive feature consists of including monitoring and controlling functions of fan coils units added to capacity of interacting and integrating different HVAC system devices in the same control panel. OTOUCH can control:

• Cooling and heating units (chillers / boilers)
• HVAC system pumps
• Modulating valves (for radiant systems)
• Thermical zone valves
• Dehumidifiers
• Fan coil units

Smart comfort
TOUCH can fully control air condition system devices in order to reach the best energy efficiency, also providing the best comfort.
Cooling and heating plants are constantly monitored and controlled, by considering external conditions and optimizing on internal comfort demand.

With OTOUCH it is possible to control, either independently or simultaneously, both air conditioning system and radiant system, providing the best comfort with the highest energy saving.

Safety system
With OTOUCH is it possible to control supply chilled water temperature of radiant system (in connection with inside dew point) and dehumidification devices, in order to avoid condensation on radiant surfaces.
Remote control by SMS is also available by installing an extra modem (supplied by Eurapo as optional).

Non-stop monitoring
OTOUCH provides supervision of HVAC system and room temperature and humidity control. Hourly, daily and weekly scheduling is available. Warnings and alarms are interfaced with the device.

High customization
OTOUCH provides different access levels (User, Service, Administrator). Customized sets are configurable either for single consoles or for groups of consoles. In this way, it is possible to schedule HVAC system "starts and stops" and to customize several scenarios in compliance with user's requirements.

Remote control
Nowadays remote control has become a standard requirement for supervision devices. OTOUCH provides a SMS based control with an extra modem supplied by Eurapo as optional. Moreover, Wi-Fi remote control is available by connecting on the suitable USB port a standard Wi-Fi key. This solution allows to install OTOUCH in every place, regadless of the network structure.
Eurapo provides on request a "table kit" to turn OTOUCH into a handy table device.

Easy maintenance
HVAC status system download and configuration system download are available on SD memory card. Software updating by USB key.

System customization
OTOUCH device is set up during HVAC system start up. During this stage, system configuration, climatic areas and number of devices are set up and linked each others in order to control the whole HVAC system.

Technical specification
Size: 7" 800x480 resolution
Type: LCD TFT active-matrix display with 16 million colors

Aesthetic frame
Flameproof ABS

1 MODBUS RS485 serial port equipped with removable clamps
1 LAN RJ45 port
Bluetooth (USB key requested)

(USB key requested)

Other available ports
2 2.0 USB ports
1 slot for SD card

Power supply
24 V AC 50/60 HZ