Double reverberation Room

    The double reverberation room for acoustic measurements is designed to measure sound power levels of air conditioning units and relevant components, fans and other similar products.

    In the two reverberation rooms it is possible to measure very low sound power levels, with range of frequency between 100Hz and 10000Hz, in accordance with the methods of measurements described in UNI EN ISO 3740:2002, UNI EN ISO 3741:2010 and UNI EN ISO 5135:2003 standards. Each room complies with Eurovent 8/2 standards (Acoustical testing of Fan Coil Units). The two reverberating rooms have different dimensions: 84 and 127 m³ respectively and are connected each other by an air duct.

    The purpose of the smaller reverberation room is to provide support to the second one, in order to carry out sound test for ducted aeraulic systems, in compliance with 8/12 Eurovent standards (Sound test method for Ducted Fan Coil Units).

    The purpose of the larger reverberation room is to perform acoustic tests in order to measure the sound power level of sources operating either in the same environment (for example fan coil units) or in a separate room (the smaller reverberation room), but having direct acoustic input in the measuring environment (ducted units).



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