The climate chamber of Eurapo Laboratories allows to run tests mainly for the following products:

    • hydronic air-terminal units in heating and cooling mode
    • hydronic air handling units in heating and cooling mode
    • dehumidifiers

    The climate room measures both the thermodynamic and the electrical characteristics of the units such as temperatures, pressures, flow rates and absorptions, in order to calculate the following values:

    • Heating and cooling capacities (total and sensible)
    • Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) in cooling mode
    • Coefficient Of Performance (COP) in heating mode
    • Partial loads in cooling and heating mode (SEER and SCOP).

    The system is able to test units with heating capacities from 0,5kW to 40kW (standard conditions: 20°C / 50% RH) and cooling capacities from 0,5kW to 30kW (standard conditions: 27°C / 48% RH), in compliance with EN 1397:2001 standards, Eurovent 6/3 standards (Thermal test method for Fan Coil units) and Eurovent 6/11 standards (Thermal test method for Ducted Fan Coil units).
    The working conditions range can go from inlet water temperature of 5°C (for district cooling applications) up to 70°C (for high temperature heating tests). The test chamber has been designed and manufactured with very high quality components, ensuring deviations of ± 0.2°C on dry bulb temperature and deviations of ± 2% on relative humidity.



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