Aeraulic tunnel

The enthalpy tunnel and the aeraulic tunnel in Eurapo Laboratories are used to measure the air flow generated by:

  • fans (axial, centrifugal, industrial and domestic)
  • air-terminal units (ducted and non-ducted)
  • air handling units
  • dehumidifiers

The scope is to calculate the characteristic fan curves of the unit, which describe the flow rate in combination with the fan pressure (external static pressure), the absorbed power and the performance. These curves are generally measured for different rotation speeds or for different configurations of the unit.
As required by the current regulations, both tunnels ensure to run tests with an overall accuracy in the order of ±5%, which varies depending on the device chosen for flow measurement.


Although UNI EN 1397 standard requires that, during the test, the unit should not be fed with any liquid for heating or cooling and the coil must be clean and dry, it may be of considerable interest to measure the air flow in a concrete working operation, in presence of heat exchange between air and heating or cooling water. It allows to make useful considerations on different possible experiences, such as the measurement of the air flow with wet coil.
In addition to measuring the airflow of the tested units as a classic aeraulic tunnel, at standard conditions prescribed by the regulations, the enthalpy tunnel may be coupled to the climate chamber in order to carry out tests on units (standard and ducted) under actual operating conditions. In this way, the enthalpy tunnel allows to carry out additional research and development activities and not only the basic ones, complying with the regulations’ requirements.

The enthalpy tunnel has been manufactured according to ISO. The tunnel has been sized to ensure a correct measurement of the airflow from 90 m³/h to 6000 m³/h.


The aeraulic tunnel, smaller than the enthalpy one, is manufactured according to ISO 5801:2007 (and former UNI 10531), ISO 5221 standards, Eurovent 6/3 standards (Thermal test method for Fan Coil units) and Eurovent 6/10 standards (Air Flow test method for Ducted Fan Coil units) and it is designed to measure an airflow range starting from 100 m³/h up to 2500 m³/h.



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