EURAPO Laboratories

Innovation has always been a key factor for competitiveness: in the current global economy, it allows companies to diversify strategies and products to size new opportunities and to face diversities and peculiarities, which distinguish every single market.

In 2013, Eurapo decided to take a very important step in terms of investments, by building, in co-operation with Padua University, brand new technical laboratories, in strict compliance with the applicable regulations and Eurovent standards, in order to pursue ever-higher performance standards and to achieve the following goals:

  • differentiate the offered products through the continuous and constant research of innovative technical and technological solutions, which follow or anticipate global markets' dynamics;
  • improve products' quality, efficiency, performances, security and reliability;
  • ensure performances of the offered products by running periodic tests and making analysis on the results;
  • improve the technical support offered to their customers, by providing accurate, reliable and customized solutions with a very short response time;
  • consolidate their presence in an increasingly competitive market;
  • strengthen the engineering and technical relationships with their industrial and business partners.

The laboratories, which cover an area of over 400 square meters, represent the highest evolution in terms of technological solutions that make them unique in Italy.

With the new technical laboratories, research, development and innovation become, strongly and increasingly an integral part of the Eurapo corporate mission, to pursue the goal of continuous improvement.



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