Brushless motor with inverter managed by dedicated controls. Available for fancoil units, cassette units and ducted units.

EST is applied to the EURAPO fancoil units and cassette units. It permits to obtain extremely low electrical absorption and a continuous modulation of the air flow, constantly related to the concrete need of energy in the room.


  • 0-10Vdc control signal.
  • Low mechanical resistance and low overheating.
  • Wide range of fan speed regulation, especially at the lowest revolutions.
  • Continuous regulation of the fan speeds, (0-100%).
  • Possibility to manually set the three fan speeds (with OMNIBUS regulators).
  • Available for Sigma, Prisma, Low Body, Concealed fancoil units; UCS, UCS/M, UCS/H cassette units and ducted fancoil units.


  • Energy saving: electrical absorption reduced up to 70%.
  • Higher efficiency: possibility to adapt the air volume and the capacities accordingly to the real room loads.
  • Higher comfort: reduced oscillation of the temperature and relative humidity in the room.
  • Extremely quiet operation of the unit, thanks to the operation at low revolutions.
  • Reduced wearing and higher reliability.
  • Longer expected lifetime of the motor.



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