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Fan coil unitsPhilo

The perfect technical solution to an aesthetic need

PHILO is the solution proposed by Eurapo for the flush-to-wall installation of fan coils: it consists in a fixing template that allows to preserve the architectural features of the rooms by hiding the equipment from view.


The frontal panel is provided painted in white RAL9003. If required, both the panel and the internal structure can be painted in a wide range of colours.

Space-saving and extremely compact

PHILO is one of the most compact and discreet proposals on the market, with a height of 490 mm, a depth of 200 mm and two selectable lengths from 1.100 mm and 1.400 mm. The structure is made of DX51D+Z140 galvanised steel with a thickness of 1 mm.

Safe thermal insulation

The fan coil installed in the recessed structure is provided with a thermal insulation 90° plenum. In this way the internal structure does not require any type of insulation, even if the unit housed is used for cooling. Consequently the risks of possible condensation infiltration inside the niche due to insulation damaged on site are eliminated

Acoustic comfort

The fan coil is fixed to the fixing template on the back side using cage nuts, while the lower part is placed on anti-vibration mounts to avoid vibrations with the structure.

Easiest installation

Normally this type of internal structure is fixed frontally to the wall. PHILO in addition provides pre-arranged openings both in the lower and upper areas which enable alternative fixing points to allow the installation methods to be adapted to the materials in which the walls are made.

Accessibility to the connections

PHILO recessed structure is a distinctive solution even from the point of view of accessibility to hydraulic and electrical connections, due to the presence of several entry points to the connecting elements.

Perfect alignment of the frontal panel

Possibility to adjust the flatness of the panel with the wall even in the presence of irregularities. In this way, perfect adhesion is guaranteed by acting on special adjustment screws positioned at the ends of the structure.

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