Technical solutions

4 pipe kit

Eurapo Four-Pipe Compact Kit fits a fan coil to a four-pipe circulating system (Four-Pipe Common Load Systems), without equipping the unit with an extra heating coil (as foreseen in a Four-Pipe Independent Load Systems).

In Four-Pipe systems both heating and cooling are available to each load device and the changeover can be managed independently for each FCU . This scenario is suitable for hydraulic systems in which some loads are in heating mode, while others are in cooling mode.
For instance: during winter time, in office buildings, areas contiguous to external walls could be in heating mode, while due to electrical equipment loads, internal rooms could be in cooling mode.
Or during mid-seasons, western oriented room could be heated in the morning and cooled in the late afternoon, while, in the same building, eastern oriented ones could be cooled in the morning and heated since early evening.
A FCU provided with the Eurapo Four- Pipe Compact Kit uses the same multirow coil in heating and cooling mode (this is a typical Four-Pipe Common Load configuration), while the Four-Pipe Independent Load FCU is equipped with a multi-row coil in cooling mode and a single row coil in heating mode.
It stands to reason that implementing heater exchanger surface, as in Four-Pipe Common Load Systems heating mode, it is possible to decrease the hot water flow to the FCU, keeping the same capacity.