The Eurapo UCS/HM 600 VDI 6022 cassette is a hydronic terminal unit certified according to the VDI 6022 * guidelines, which requires air conditioning and heating systems and related components to comply with the highest and most restrictive hygiene standards. Compliance with the aforementioned standard guarantees better quality of the treated air: the technical solutions adopted and the extreme scruple (accuracy) in the selection of materials prevent the proliferation of pathogens (such as fungi and bacteria) inside the unit and make healthier also the environment in which it is installed.
The guidelines of the VDI 6022 standard define the criteria for ensuring maximum hygiene in HVAC systems. By raising the quality standard of the treated air, negative effects are prevented in the rooms served, protecting the health of users. In creating UCS/HM 600 VDI 6022, Eurapo has managed to meet the requirements of the described standard both by adopting advanced mechanical design criteria and by using top performance materials.
The UCS/HM 600 VDI 6022 cassette is particularly suitable both for environments where high air quality is required (for example waiting rooms, waiting rooms for clinics, hotel rooms and laboratories) and for particularly crowded spaces, where germs are likely to proliferate (e.g. schools and shopping centers).


• The surfaces within the terminal unit which are in direct contact with the handled air are all tested in according with ISO 846** in this way no proliferation of microbial flora or fungi is ensured inside the unit;
• Sealings are made of closed-cell materials and do not absorb moisture or provide a nutrient source for microorganisms (sealing in direct contact with the air are tested according to ISO 846);
• In order to allow cleaning and disinfection, interior wall surfaces are smooth and free of exposed absorption areas and insulating materials are provided with a suitable aluminized cover. Grooves and joints in the bottom panel of the unit are avoided;
• All components and built-in parts are arranged for an easy maintenance;
• A classified ePM1 55% filter (able to capture the 55% of particles of size between 0,1 µm to 0,3 µm according to ISO 16890) is provided with the unit. It is an improvement on the minimum VDI requirements that foresee an ePM10 50% filter for fan coils and cassettes;
• The filter is replaceable through the air intake side (the filter is located upstream of the coil);
• The use of a hydrophilic coat for the fin avoid the entrainment of droplets during the cooling;
• The condensate tray is made in plastic with a single sloped and it has a single sloped condensation tray with and rounded edges in order to avoid that any stagnant water remains in the unit, which is an ideal environment for the spread of bacteria, fungi and others potential pathogenic agent;
• The condensate pump is not foreseen in this unit.