Hygienic cassette offers threefold innovation.
High-efficiency filtering. Monitoring. Savings.
The UCS/H cassette offers nothing short of top-quality air.

EURAPO has always invested in air quality, which has made us aware that “good air filtering” is not always enough. Hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, research laboratories, museums and libraries are facilities where having a pure environment is a priority requirement and that hence look to technology to provide reliable, efficient solutions.The UCS/H series air purifying hydronic cassette, with its extremely efficient filtering system and freefall gravity condensate drainage, was developed by EURAPO precisely to meet these specific requirements.

The innovative content of the product means it simultaneously delivers crucial advantages on three fronts:
• high-efficiency filtering to remove impurities;
• ongoing monitoring of filtering;
• no stagnant water harbouring microbes and bacteria, which could be hazardous if allowed to enter the room.

The UCS/H cassette has been lined with aluminized insulation: a non-porous material that doesn’t trap dirt and dust, keeping the room cleaner. The unit has been restyled to accommodate a special F7 - High- Efficiency filter according to Italian standard UNI 10339 – capable of stopping up to 90% of particles with diameters as small as 0.4 μm (UNI EN 779REV).Filter operation can be monitoring continuously: any drop in its efficiency, as a result of the filter medium becoming clogged, results in a decrease in air flow, which is reported immediately by a differential pressure switch to the OMNIBUS supervisor on the actual unit. This prompt alarm means technical service personnel can remedy the situation quickly with accurate maintenance.With the UCS/H cassette, EURAPO has also achieved another important result: the condensate collection tray has been specially designed to encourage water to drain away naturally, without the use of the drain pump. This means the tray stays clean and dry, discouraging the proliferation of bacteria.

And doing away with the drain pump brings two bonus advantages:
• quiet running, as the unit is not affected by pump buzzing;
• reduced electricity consumption, resulting in considerable energy savings, which are doubled with the use of EST (Energy Saving Technology) brushless motors.