High pressure ducted units



EBH high pressure ducted units, thanks to their high pressure fan decks, permit to satisfy every request of heating and cooling applications in big environments, where ducted air distribution is requested. They aresuitable for horizontal installation.These are units for COOLING and HEATING applications; they are fed with cold and hot water and used according to their relevant performance features.EBH units are components of cooling and/or heating systems, designed for temperatures up to 100 °C. When you want to connect this high pressure unit to a condensing unit in COOLING mode, it must be ordered with a direct expansion coil (optional upon request, except for sizes 060÷070).The EBH high pressure ducted units are also available for District Cooling applications: the water coils are designed with a reduced number of circuits, suitable for functioning with high water temperature difference.

• 6 SIZES for horizontal ducted installation, 2 and 4 pipe system.
• HIGH PRESSURE: they are designed for ducted installation with external static pressure up to 300 Pa.
• STRUCTURE is realized in galvanized metal sheet, insulated internally; in order to facilitate all maintenance operations, the structure is divided in three separate and independent sections (condensate tray, fan deck, air filter).
• HEAT EXCHANGERS can have 2, 3 or 4 rows, made by copper pipes and aluminium fin pack; 5-row coils are available for sizes 060 and 070. Up to size 050 all coils are provided with air vent valves. For sizes 060 and 070, the air vent valve is supplied only with the valve kit (optional).
• REVERSIBLE WATER CONNECTIONS: these high-pressure units can be ordered with right (standard) or left water connections; it is possible to reverse the water connections on site, if necessary.
• FAN DECK is composed by a 3 speed motor and two centrifugal galvanized steel scrolls. All motors are Class F and IP44 protected; they are provided with a permanently connected capacitor and thermal protection of the windings with automatic reset.
• CONDENSATE TRAY is realized in galvanized steel with water discharge pipes on both sides.
• AIR FILTER consists of a washable polyester acrylic fibre, pleated and protected by a metal frame. The filter section can be easily removed for cleaning and maintenance. Filtration class G3.
• ELECTRIC PANEL is composed by a terminal board with screw terminals contained in an ABS plastic box (IP30). A supporting relay is supplied as standard starting from size 040.
• 4 BRACKETS are supplied along with the unit, to fix it to the ceiling.