An exceptional order has been placed for Neom, the city of the future.

THE ROYAL FAMILY’S RESIDENCE IN THE HYPER-TECHNOLOGICAL SAUDI ARABIAN METROPOLIS WILL FEATURE EURAPO PRODUCTS. This is an unprecedented order acquired also as a result of Eurapo’s long-standing partnership with a business in the Middle East. We are talking about nothing less than a long-term plan of supplies to the place that is already known as the city of the future: a 500-billion dollar dream-come-true covering an area 33 times the size of New York. It’s name is Neom, the hyper-technological city overlooking the Red Sea that is being built in Saudi Arabia. It will run entirely on renewable energy sources, benefit from ultra-fast connections and be provided with driverless transport systems and latest-generation, big-data based safety systems. Eurapo will take part in this ambitious, globally-appealing urban project - comprising technological and industrial hubs in a free zone as well as lots of space for entertainments and social life - by supplying its EDS and EBH series of built-in blower units, customised to meet specific requirements, which will be installed in the Saudi Arabian royal family’s residences. What else can we add? Once again, many decades of experience, Made in Italy design and cutting-edge technology have reaped their rewards and the company’s turnover – which registers a 20% growth in the segment comprising the abovementioned products - reflects these assets.