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Often, “good air filtering” is just not enough. Hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, research laboratories, museums and libraries often demand superior performances in terms of pure environments and the use of reliable technologies.  The UCS/H series hygienic hydronic cassette by EURAPO was developed with an extremely efficient filtering system and free-fall gravity condensate drainage to meet these requirements. Thanks to its innovative contents, EURAPO UCS/H guarantees a blend of three advantages:

– it filters the most minute impurities by means of a special high-efficiency filter in compliance with the UNI 10339 standard;  
– ongoing monitoring of filtering by means of a differential pressure switch that measures any drops in the air flow due to obstructions and informs the OMNIBUS supervisor in real time;
– no stagnant water containing microbes and bacteria forms thanks to a condensate tray that allows the water to drain naturally with no need to use an evacuation pump.

EURAPO UCS/h offers nothing short of top-quality air.  

A quality also acknowledged by the Politecnico di Milano that has assessed the Eurapo hydronic cassette and admitted it to the “Percorso Efficienza & Innovazione” selection,  thus deciding on its success even before its official presentation.

We look forward to meeting you at the 40th Mostra Convegno Expocomfort – MCE 2016 Milan 15-18 March  Stand C28 – Pavilion 13 to offer you advise and technical information on the District Cooling range by EURAPO.