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Eurapo Culture

Eurapo Culture

To support and promote cultural initiatives and events in order to build a better future for our local area together.

This is the mission of Eurapo Cultura, a project highly desired by the owners and management of Eurapo which has already supported particularly noteworthy initiatives like the Segovia Guitar Week festival organised by the Segovia Guitar Academy and the Scuola Sperimentale dell’Attore’s “L’Arlecchino Errante”.

The website featuring the calendar of events in the local area will soon be online.

As a friend and partner of the Giuseppe Verdi Municipal Theatre in Pordenone, Eurapo Cultura is pleased to present La Poetica Germanica, the violin and orchestra concerto, a top event in the Pordenone Theatre 2015 Classical and Symphony season, scheduled for 25th February at 8.45pm.

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