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Efficiency and excellence in the new Eurapo Laboratories

Padua University said it: “No other technical laboratory in Italy compares with Eurapo”. There are savings in terms of time and money for those who choose the 400 sq.m. that Eurapo offers for testing new products efficiently, then presenting them as finished products ready for final certification.  It’s an immense satisfaction to see the first important results just a few months after completion: the new laboratories bear witness to the research, development and innovation that Eurapo aims for and which creates its cutting-edge products for technical solutions and innovative technologies, and for pre-empting the evolution of the HVAC markets. Set up in collaboration with Padua University, the climate chamber, for measuring the thermodynamic and electric characteristics of the units, and the aeraulic and enthalpy tunnel, for measuring air flow, continue to give excellent results, and are now flanked by two new double reverberation rooms.