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The hydronic cassette units are suitable for installation in modular false ceilings. Thanks to their design, they guarantee a homogeneous distribution of air in the environment, creating greater comfort.

UCS600 | Eurapo

CASSETTE UNITS, FOR HEATING AND COOLING, 2 AND 4 PIPES, CAPACITY FROM 1,12 kW TO 5,43 kW. EURAPO has designed a new range of hydronic cassette units thanks to the recent investments in the new technical laboratories. The new UCS600 series has been planned in accordance with quality standards that characterize the complete EURAPO production ...

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UCS/M 600 | Eurapo
UCS/M 600

CASSETTE FANCOIL, FOR HEATING AND COOLING MODE, FOR 2 AND 4 PIPE SYSTEM, CAPACITY FROM 1,12 kW TO 5,43 kW. The UCS/M 600 presents all the new features of the basic model UCS600 and is characterized by the microdrilled air intake grill and its air diffusion frame entirely realized in painted metal sheet, perfectly adaptable ...

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UCS/H 600 | Eurapo
UCS/H 600

CASSETTE UNIT WITHOUT CONDENSATE PUMP, FOR HEATING AND COOLING, 2 AND 4 PIPES, CAPACITY FROM 1,12 kW TO 5,43 kW. UCS/H 600 cassette unit has been designed to allow a natural condensate water discharge, for gravity; in this way, condensate pump is not necessary. UCS/H 600 unit is particularly indicated when reduced maintenance operations are ...

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UCS/HM VDI 6022 | Eurapo

THE HYGIENIC CERTIFIED CASSETTE THAT GUARANTEES TOP PERFORMANCE BY IMPROVING THE AIR QUALITY The Eurapo UCS/HM 600 VDI 6022 cassette is a hydronic terminal unit certified according to the VDI 6022 * guidelines, which requires air conditioning and heating systems and related components to comply with the highest and most restrictive hygiene standards. Compliance with ...

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UCS900 | Eurapo

CASSETTE FANCOIL 900X900, FOR HEATING AND COOLING MODE, 2 AND 4 PIPE SYSTEM, CAPACITY FROM 3,90 kW TO 10,15 kW. With an innovative, essential and clean design, which fits in every kind of environment, the UCS900 water cassette unit is the result of the stylist research to present an innovative product in terms of performance, ...

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