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Remote microprocessor control suitable for the complete control of a unit (fancoil, cassette or sucted unit), in particular: type of ventilation (thermostated or continuously running), fan speed selection, Summer/Winter switch and room temperature thermostat.
The controller is provided with terminals for the connection of other options: economy function (set-point variation of 6 °C), external centralized Summer/Winter changeover, window contact, minimum water temperature thermostat (TM) and cooling«EVC» and/or heating «EVH» modulating valves.
Selector for the ventilation (THERMOSTATED – OFF – CONTINUOUSLY RUNNING).

• Fan speed selector (HIGH – MED – LOW). A fourth position, with no symbol on it, allows only to reset the filter alarm. In no other situation the selector must stay in this position.
• Room temperature knob (8÷30 °C). The «Comfort zone» is duly highlighted (about 20÷25 °C).
• Plastic pins for limiting the temperature range.
• Antifrost function.
• LED signal for the operating mode.