New important investments in advanced technologies.

LEAN THINKING PRINCIPLES AND INDUSTRY 4.0 ARE LEADING THE WAY TO ADDITIONAL IMPROVEMENTS IN PRODUCTION PROCESSES. Eurapo has recently decided on a massive investment plan – totalling over 1 million Euro – in new technological devices to further increase the efficiency and quality of its production processes. Its aim is to obtain a substantial improvement in the production flow by adopting lean thinking principles, a work strategy based on identifying and eliminating waste, embraced by the company in 2015. This plan is part of a broad-reaching development project in which a key role is played by the ability to interpret signs from the marketplace and draw information from them to direct industrial choices. Adopting a synergic production planning and business strategy approach is reaping its benefits. More specifically, 2 automatic loading/unloading punching machines as well as 2 bending machines and 2 presses have been added to the factory’s equipment. Since the latter have all been designed to work according to the most advanced man-machine interaction principles, it is clear that the 4.0 path towards complete digitalisation of production processes is well underway for Eurapo.