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Laboratories completion

The completion of Eurapo laboratories in the head quarter of Pordenone is a very important step. Two reverberation rooms for acoustic test have been realised, connected together by an opening for the installation of aeraulic ducted systems with the purpose to carry out, individually or in combination, measures for the determination of the sound power of fan coil, cassette and big ducted units, control systems and other elements or components of aeraulic ducted and no-ducted systems, in accordance with the procedures of measurement described by the UNI EN ISO 3740, UNI EN ISO 3741 and UNI EN ISO 5135. „This investment – explain in Eurapo – allows us to make a further leap both in the technical assistance offered to customers – our flagship – and in the development of new products and new technical solutions for air conditioning systems, in strict compliance with the legislation and in pursuit of higher performances. Now our laboratory is State of the art, in Italy nothing is comparable: to the new calorimetric room and the new aeraulic enthalpy tunnel, two new reverberant rooms have been added, designed in collaboration with the University of Padua.“