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The new management system for the Eurapo hydronic units is planned to be presented to the market in March 2021.

Eurapo is getting ready to launch Omnibus 360 on the market, i.e. the very latest step in the evolutionary process of the management system for hydronic terminal units. Underlying its design is the awareness that – to ensure comfort levels that meet current needs and are aligned with those of the nearest future – it’s mandatory to be able to offer air conditioning appliances that are not only made using top-quality parts but also created to be better integrated with the technological mind that manages their functions.

The great novelty offered by Omnibus 360 – a system designed both for residential and public buildings – is that it guarantees the total synergy of all the terminal units (of which it controls every function) and the regulating devices, making air-conditioning systems provide better performances and become easier to use.

Omnibus 360’s exceptional technological innovation offers lots of concrete advantages including the possibility to easily install and coordinate various terminal units, its adaptability to the most varied management needs, energy savings, the possibility to constantly make sure that all the units are functioning properly and the aid of evolved diagnosis tools that result in targeted technical assistance.