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Eurapo’s presence on the bim object portal is already starting to reap its benefits.

Announced in March in Milan during the Mostra Convegno Expocomfort, Eurapo’s products have actually started to appear on the BIM Object portal in July. The good news is that the feedback has been immediately positive, especially from professionals working in Europe and the Middle East. Built-in fan coils, Sphera fan coil units, District Cooling centralised cold water distribution systems, heating and cooling cassette units and many other products totalling 45 models are now available on the portal.
Designers and other professionals who visit BIM Object daily will now be able to benefit from virtual units that comply with the real ones in every way, implementing parameters that mirror possible configurations, technical features, assembly instructions, maintenance guides and any other useful information. As well as being available for immediate consultation on the internet, Eurapo products can also be downloaded in the desired BIM software format and used for the entire duration of the design process.
Interestingly, analytics have revealed that cassette units and fan coil units are the most frequently downloaded Europa “BIM objects”.
The most interesting fact of all, however, is that – thanks to the presence of its products on the BIM Object portal – in only three months Eurapo has made lots of new contacts that will hopefully become requests for supplies.