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Eurapo supports the innovation and clean energy vision of the project „e-QBO“

Eurapo supports the innovation and clean energy vision of the project „e-QBO“

Always focused on research and innovation, Eurapo supports „e-QBO“, an off-grid Micromuseum which will be presented in the Archaeological Park of Selinunte (Trapani) during the meeting „Architects meet in Selinunte“, on the 14-16th June.
Created and designed by Romolo Stanco with the scientific supervision of Stefano Besseghini and RSE (Energetic System Research), e-QBO is an architecture capable of storing energy in an autonomous way (from renewable sources), without being connected to the electricity grid, and return it in every form of power. 

e-QBO is a pure architecture, immediately recognizable and of great visual impact, capable of speaking the language of research and its results. e-QBO communicates with the user and allows him to understand quickly and immediately concepts otherwise too complex, therefore taking the role of a „knowledge distributor“.

e-QBO accumulates energy from renewable sources and return it in the form of services to the city: it supplies public lighting, information through videomapping or other communication systems; it offers a free Wi-Fi network and energy for recharging electric and electronic elements. Its inside space can be transformed in a place for socializing, connecting, in a private or public structure. 
e-QBO represents the manifesto of future smart cities: it’s at once autonomous and connected, off-grid and integrated in the urban context.

In Selinunte, during the third international meeting „Architects meet in Selinunte – The architecture of the future“ it will be built internally as a Micromuseum, in order to present some virtual and real plans for the Smart Cities of the near future.

„Supporting projects such as e-QBO – says Nicola Pradella, CEO of Eurapo – is a way for us to share a common idea towards the future and the new sources of energy. Eurapo has been following the road of research and innovation for many years through important investments; we view this as the only way to stay in the top ranks of international business“.