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Why the fan coil issues an anomalous noise?

The filter and/or the coil is clogged Clean the filter and/or the coil Vibrations caused by a wrong installation and/or loose fixing screws Verify carefully and carry out the corrective actions Unbalanced fan deck Replace it

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Why the unit does not deliver air?

Lack on the power supply. Verify the network voltage and/or the integrity of the fuse on the electronic card of the control and the rightness of the electrical connections Set – Point reached. Check the control setting. In presence of WS (minimum water temperature thermostat), hot water temperature < 35°C, insufficient water flow and/or temperature

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Why the air delivered by the unit is not hot or cold enough?

Water and/or air temperature at the entry of the fan coil does not comply with the expected values. Verify the available power and the installed power. Operate accordingly. The pump is not powerful enough to handle operational requirements. Replace the pump with a pump suitable to the installation requirements.